Certified Computer Consulting®

Custom Software Development


We provide custom software development for your computer systems using Java,  "C", HTML, or SQL.


Whenever you are confused by technical jargon, pressed for time, or need professional results we can help.


Our place or yours. Travel expenses are billed at actual cost.


We provide cost-effective results. If you don't agree, you don't pay.

How Much:

Custom software is developed for a quoted fixed price, based on your needs. No surprises, no overruns.

Technical support is billed in tenths of hours, or provided on retainer for our approved software.


Brent D. Milton, CCP
350 N Fernway Rd
Memphis TN 38117

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Why Not?

Call us. There is no fee for the initial consultation.

(901) 283-0406

EMAIL: Brent@CertifiedComputerConsulting.com


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